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Who We Are

Mission Statement


Lights! Camera! Soul! celebrates the Black experience through the development of emerging theater-artists and curating events that promote Black artistry.

Vision Statement

To provide an institution where marginalized communities can curate, develop, and perform artistic matter.

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Core Values


Lights! Camera! Soul! operates from a series of core values. These values work in tandem to further our purpose and commitment to Black artistry. 


  • Accessible art for everyone. Art is creativity. Art is courage. Art is inclusive. Art begins with allowing the chance for that art to be reached. Art has purpose and it touches the lives of millions of people everyday. We believe art should accessible for all because we all have an important story to tell.

  • Every artist has a story. Artistry is originality. We’re human and we have a story to tell too. Lights! Camera! Soul! takes the time to invest in the dreams and aspirations of emerging and established artists. Through our podcast Blacker The Berry, to our WordUp Playwriting Competition. We nurture creativity and provide platforms for creativity to shine.


  • Igniting Positive Change. Positivity is a type of energy that can flow from one soul to another. It has the power to ignite change. The arts have the power to change lives, which is why we adhere to our mission of developing emerging theater-artists and creating events and platforms that inspire positive change.


  • Partnerships and Collaborations. Like the village who raised the child, it requires collaboration and partnership with  arts groups, foundations, artists, designers, and the community to bring forth something truly remarkable for all to enjoy.





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Producing Artistic Director, DiMonte Henning


DiMonte has been a founding member of Lights! Camera! Soul! since 2013. He is a passionate believer and advocate for Black Arts in the City of Milwaukee. As a film and stage actor, the performing arts has had an enormous influence on DiMonte's life. He is  appreciative of the  delicacy of artistry and respective of the process of creating meaningful art. Which is why he is committed to carrying out the vision of LCS with passion, wisdom, creativity, integrity, and innovation.  

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